Geonoise for noise and vibration measuring solutions, noise calculation software, independent acoustic consulting, testing, verification, accreditation, certification of acoustical and vibration measurements,  ISO9001:2015 certified.

We have over 35 years of experience with sound and vibration measurements, calculations and consulting in the fields of noise and vibrations control.

A wide range of Sound Level meters and Sound Level Analyzers are available with the Nor150 being the top analyser with Intensity probe…  

Sonocat, 3D Sound Intensity, insitu sound absorption, sound intensity

m+p international dynamic signal analyzers for noise and vibration measurement, shaker control software

Vibration and Shock Exciters as well as calibration and test systems form part of SPEKTRA’s portfolio.

nor1504a Calibration

Calibration for all brands of sound level meter, microphones, calibrators, accelerometers, complying with ISO17025 in our state of the art laboratory

APS Long Stroke Shakers, Air Bearing and Ball Bearing.

Impedance Tube SW series ISO10534-2.

Nor1517A Air Flow Resistance Measurement system is the only…

Acoustic Camera Hextile Geonoise Thailand provides a unique opportunity in Thailand to experience the benefits of the Nor848 Acoustic Camera. We offer: – Rental: Utilize

Vibration monitoring for buildings, structures, bridges, railways, vibration monitoring.

m+p international’s vibration test systems ensure full test item protection during closed-loop control on electro dynamic and hydraulic shakers.

Qsources is a highly specialized company, leading in smart noise and vibration excitation technology.

High precision measurements for noise and vibration require high precision sensors.

NoiseQC is a dedicated system to improve your quality control of manufactured products

Noise and vibration testing classifiction verification

Noise and vibration testing for equipment, instruments, rolling stock, industrial sites. Verification, accreditation, identification 

Accurate and Stable measurement microphones

We have over 20 years of experience with sound and vibration measurements, calculations and consulting in the fields of noise control, air pollution…

free noise calculations

Add subtract noise levels, calculate NR curve values and reverberation time online with Geonoise

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