Noise and Vibration Product News

PLACID new range of integrating sound level meters with calibrator (type 2)

PLACID developed a new range of integrating sound level meters with a calibrator. The integrating sound level meter and calibrator are robust yet light and very easy to use. Ideal for safety officers in factories, for sound enforcement in entertainment venues, to measure noise nuisance, road traffic, airport noise etc. etc. Read more about PLACID […]

Placid Sound Level meter, Microphones, Preamp (IEC61672, class II)

Placid Asia is manufacturing instruments and sensors with IEC61672 Class II compliance. Placid Sound Level Meter SL-02 Placid SL-02 sound level meter, Class 2 IEC 61672-1:2002 Placid has manufactured high tech, feature rich and accurate sound level meters. We have a large collection of sound level meters that can be used for many applications where […]

Kundt, Impedance Tube for material testing

BSWA Impedance Tube sound absorption and transmission loss The Kundt tube, also known as Impedance tube is an instrument that is used to easily testing sound absorption and transmission loss without having to go to a huge anechoic room. The SW series Impedance Tubes can accurately measure sound absorption coefficientsand impedance according to both ISO […]