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We believe that everyone’s wellbeing should be prioritized

Our living and working environment are major contributors to our health and productivity. That’s why we always encourage you to create a healthy and safe environment for yourself, your team, and your customers.










By carefully planning and evaluating all aspects of your physical environment

Sound is one of the elements that creates your environment as a whole. Acoustic environment affects people greatly, but its effect is often underestimated, especially here in Asia. We believe that the best way to create a healthy acoustic environment is by prudently planning your projects through acoustical perspective.



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We help you to do acoustical planning and problem-solving

We want to be a part of a team who truly care about people’s wellbeing by doing what we do best – acoustical consultation. To do so, we are equipped with the ability to do calculations and measurements, as well as valuable experiences that we gain over the years.



Our Journey Thus Far

April 10

April 2002 Geonoise Thailand

Geonoise Thailand and Geonoise Hong Kong Founded by Michel Rosmolen

January 16

January 2015 Geonoise Malaysia – Singapore


Opening Geonoise Branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia also acting as branch for Geonoise Singapore

July 16

July 2016 Geonoise Indonesia

Opening branch office Geonoise Indonesia, Jakarta (Tangerang)

May 5

May 2018 Geonoise Vietnam

Opening branch office for Geonoise Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

September 27

September 2018 Geonoise Myanmar

Opening branch office Geonoise Myanmar, Yangon

We are A Proud Member of the Following Acoustical Societies

  • NAG – Dutch Acoustical Society
  • SAS – Singapore Acoustical Society
  • ASI – Acoustical Society of India
  • AAS – Australian Acoustical Society
  • SVAM – Society of Acoustics & Vibration Malaysia
  • AAVI  Association of Acoustics and Vibration Indonesia
  • ASA – American Society of Acoustics
  • IIAV – International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration
  • INCE – Institute of Noise Control Engineering
  • IY2020 – International Year of Sound

Current: active commiettee member at IIAV, SAS and IYS2020. Director at IIAV 2014 – 2018 and 2020 – 2024.  

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