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about Geonoise Asia

About Geonoise, independent engineers for Noise and vibration control in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Myanmar, India.

Geonoise is a sound and vibration engineering and consulting company established in 2006 with offices in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Yangon, helping our customers with any noise and vibration control issues.

We have over 35 years of experience with sound and vibration measurements, calculations and consulting in the fields of noise- and vibration control.

Some of the specialized fields for noise control are:

  • industrial noise control (plants, factories, machinery)
  • building acoustics (houses, hotels, disco’s, offices)
  • traffic noise control (rail traffic, road traffic, air traffic, subway, ships)
  • recreational noise control (pop concert, exhibition centre, outdoor events)
  • reverberation control (cinema, auditoria, church, meeting rooms)
  • construction noise control (building sites for houses, roads, industry)
  • antinoise (servers, small-medium sized electrical equipment)
  • turnkey noise abatement solutions for industry, residential, hotels etc.

We have experienced engineers (members of INCE USA, ASA, AAS, ABAV, NAG, ASI, SVAM, IIAV). We are using the latest noise control software to make precision prediction calculations.

All our engineers have worked ‘in the field’ so they know what they are talking about and this makes them very pragmatic consultants.

Geonoise Asia proudly represents the following companies:​

Noise control engineering and solutions:
Consulting and supporting our customers throughout South Easy Asia!

Geonoise Asia

Michel T.H. Rosmolen
Director / Founder and Principal Acoustical Engineer

We are a proud member or the following Acoustical Societies:

NAG – Dutch Acoustical Society
ABAV – Belgium Acoustical Society
ASI – Acoustical Society of India
AAS – Australian Acoustical Society
SVAM – Society of Acoustics & Vibration Malaysia
ASA – American Society of Acoustics
IIAV – International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration
INCE – Institute of Noise Control Engineering

Geonoise Asia Hotline : (+66) 02-0035904
Email: inquiries@geonoise.com

Acoustical Calibration Laboratory Thailand

Some of the services offered by Geonoise Acoustical Calibration Laboratory Thailand (complying ISO17025):

– calibration of microphones
– calibration of calibrators
– calibration of sound level meters
– calibration of accelerometers
– calibration of vibration meters
– selfnoise test of sound level meters
– sound power measurements ISO3744
– material testing, sound absorption measurements (impedance tube)
– material testing, transmission loss measurements (impedance tube)
– airflow resistance

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