Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels

For years, acoustical sound absorbing panels have been used successfully to control problems with noise and sound in all types of indoor environments. They reduce tension, make music sound better, allow people to speak and hear better and provide a safer work environment.

But, because they are all made of fragile indoor materials, they can in no way withstand any other environment but the clean climate controlled indoors.

Extreme dust conditons can disable conventional sound absorbing systems. The Industrial & Hurricane model All Weather Sound Panels® are available with an acoustically transparent stainless steel dust filter (as much as 5 to 10 microns), which solves this problem for the mining industry, outdoor use in desert areas of the Middle East, and other applications where dust is a concern. Acoustiblok Panels are extremely durable and are currently in use by the United States Army in the Middle East.

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