Acoustic camera Nor848a

Acoustic Camera Nor848B, Hextile

Multitile low frequency optimized acoustic camera

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Norsonic has launched the 2nd generation acoustic camera based on mems with the focus to be able to be expanded into a high-resolution low-frequency sound source locating instrument.

The Hextile (Nor848B) can be used as a single unit acoustic camera with 128 microphones, but it also can be used as a high-resolution acoustic camera specially designed for low frequencies, the total number of microphones used will be 384!

With the already famous realtime virtual microphone and intuitive software, it’s an instrument that’s hard to beat.

The Hextile is very easy to handle weighing less than 3 kg and with only 1 cable (USB) for data transfer as well as power.

Acoustic Camera Nor848B, Hextile

With a single Hextile, the user has a small, portable and lightweight acoustic camera that can be used for a wide range of measurement situations. The Hextile is a USB based acoustic camera, with a single USB cable for both power and data transfer – no extra battery cable needed. The array is made from robust and lightweight aluminum, has 128 MEMS microphones, and is less than 3 kg in weight while having a maximum diameter of 46 cm. The low-frequency limit for the Hextile is 410 Hz.

Acoustic Camera Nor848B, Hextile

For users that require better resolution both in lower frequencies and overall, three single Hextiles can be combined to a larger Multi tile system, consisting of 384 microphones with a maximum diameter of 96 cm. The low-frequency limit for the Multitile is 220 Hz.

For special low-frequency applications below 1 kHz, it is also possible to utilize the Multitile in the low-frequency configuration as the Multitile-LF. By placing the individual Hextiles further away, the maximum diameter of the complete array system is increased to 1.46 m, making it ideal for low-frequency measurements. The Multitile-LF is for low-frequency measurements below 1 kHz, with the lowest frequency limit of 120 Hz.

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