Acoustic verification accreditation and certification

We are a leading acoustical company for independent inspection, verification, testing and certification specialized in noise and vibration.

  1. Professional Services

Industrial Noise and Vibration

  • Noise and Vibration testing
  • Acoustic location
  • Noise mapping
  • Acoustic calculation and prediction
  • Occupational noise and vibration

Architectural Building Acoustics

  • Sound insulation field testing airborne and impact noise
  • Reverberation testing
  • Sound leakage inspection
  • Façade noise inspection
  • Building vibration
  • Public Address (PA) STIPA testing


  • Pass-By dynamic test
  • Rolling stock noise prediction
  • Traffic noise prediction
  • Railway noise emission
  • Aircraft noise
  • FRF (Frequency Response Function) measurements
  • (Multichannel) Noise and vibration measurements

Power Plan, Oli and Gas

  • Acoustic and vibration analysis
  • Acoustic location
  • Modal and Structural testing
  • PA testing (STIPA, speech intelligibility quality, signal/noise ratio)


  • Modal testing
  • Acoustic analysis and sound quality
  • Hand-arm and whole-body vibration testing
  • Dynamic pass-by testing
  • Sound source location (acoustic camera)


  • Vibration / explosion impact measurements
  • Modal testing
  • High-level noise measurements


  • Modal and Structural testing
  • Acoustic and vibration analysis

Onsite calibration (Sound and Vibration)

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