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General Features

The ETL3000 is a multi-component air quality monitor for measuring airborne pollutants in parts per billion (ppb) concentrations. The system is based on a new solid-state thick-film sensor technology, which provides excellent sensitivity and accuracy. The performance of the sensors is superior to conventional electrochemical cells. The monitor provides measurement of CO, NO2 and O3. In addition temperature, humidity and noise is simultaneously measured. The system has a built-in data logger and a GSM modem (optional). Analysis of C6H6 and other parameters with thick film sensor is also available as option.

The ETL3000 is designed specifically for outdoor installation. A mounting kit is supplied, suitable for any pole diameter. The electonic part is now based on a microprocessor with flash memory and it is completely separated by the sensors. Each sensor is indipendent and is installed inside its cell (SENS3000) and connected to the electonic with plug-play connectors. The sensors can be replaced easily in the field.

Our innovative application of Mobile Monitoring of Traffic Pollution in cities can be done by installing the ETLBUS system on public transport vehicles and positioning using GPS.  

It is possible to develop special custom applications of ETLBUS and software with GIS system to handle also instantaneous data positioned on the local map.