Airport Noise Monitoring

Topsonic: Airport noise monitoring

Airports have to monitor environmental noise to evaluate abatement programs and develop aircraft departure and arrival procedures that minimize the impact of aircraft noise. Airports can’t eliminate aircraft noise totally but aim to minimize noise through monitoring the exposure of people in the area.

Topsonic systems help airports to monitor noise to a range of standards for Unattended monitoring of aircraft sound in the vicinity of airports.

A typical airport noise monitoring system consists of:

A number of Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs) installed in the surroundings around the airport
A Noise Server which is responsible for the automatic download of data from the installed NMTs at user-defined time periods via public telephone lines or GSM

A database: All data (noise, flight tracks, weather data, parameter settings, traffic data, air quality, etc) are sorted and stored in the system’s database, ready for immediate presentation. Own Database queries are possible by means of a database query wizard without database expert knowledge.
One or more PC workstations (with Windows operating systems) for statistics and reports.

Topsonic’s Noise and Flight Track System NTMS fulfills all the needs for modern monitoring of the aircraft noise impact on adjacent residents. It helps the airport get an objective overview and optimize noise abatement procedures. Automatic functions accurately measure the noise, plot each flight track and correlate the noise to the specific aircraft. The system determines whether each aircraft is following the correct routes and pinpoints noise offenders. Drawings of noise contours based on real movements and future scenarios are integrated features.

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You can count on Topsonic:
 Flexible development team with highly qualified specialists
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+low-maintenance hardware
+reliable and MS Office compatible software
+customer specific interface adaption
+excellent service

Topsonic — Aircraft noise and track monitoring

Our core business is the development, supply and support of aircraft noise and track monitoring systems. We customize our solution for each airport with individual interface adaption.

Topsonic — Environmental information system

Our web-based information system is working successfully on numerous airports worldwide. It significantly reduces the environmental departments’ work because complainers are able to localise the originating aircraft by themselves.

Topsonic — Construction- and industrial noise monitoring

Based on our approved modules for aircraft noise monitoring we have developed an advanced system for continuous monitoring of numerous noise sources (e.g. industrial noise, construction working noise, traffic noise, wind power plants).

Topsonic — Radar data processing

Our highly efficient radar data processing modules calculate billing- and process relevant parameters and forward them to the relevant airport systems (AODB).

Topsonic — Provision of services

Besides the development and distribution of systems, we also offer operational support like servicing, periodical calibration and monthly distribution of measurement reports. Our service is the most efficient and cost-saving solution for communities, institutions and airports. 

Topsonic — About us

Topsonic Systemhaus GmbH was founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of top system Systemhaus GmbH.

Topsonic is specialized in the development of aircraft noise monitoring systems and is one of the leading suppliers worldwide in this business segment. Our noise monitoring systems are also established successfully in other industrial sectors like race circuits, construction sites and production plants. Since the use of radar data was approved by the national air traffic controls the new scope of duties “radar data processing” has been established.

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