Blast and vibration monitoring

VIBROCK V9000 Blast and vibration monitoring

The V9000 is a battery powered portable vibration monitor, designed for monitoring blasting, piling, explosive demolitions and construction activities. It can also monitor dominant frequencies as well as air overpressure using the optional microphone.

VIBROCK V9000 Blast and vibration monitoring
VIBROCK V9000 Blast and vibration monitoring

V9000 Seismograph Blast and Vibration monitoring

The V9000 Seismograph a new data logging Seismograph which is available as a single channel, twin channel PPV and as a twin channel PPV & VDV machine.

The V9000 Seismograph has a 5″ LCD with data and graphical representation, and is powered by four ‘D’ cell batteries which last up to forty days when using the seven day timer function. The V9000 Seismograph can also be powered by an external 12 volt battery or an external mains supply.

The built in modem (option) uses the internet to allow the user to remotely download data, watch the Seismograph monitor in real time, change the set up and access the multiple text alert functions.



Include internet based remote capability, frequency plotting in accordance with BS 5228 Part 2: 2009 and BS 7385 Part 2; 1993, multiple text alarm functions, large screen with graphical representation, 7 day timer function, sleep mode, basic and custom set up, selectable data storage rate, data storage for all 3 axes, and extended battery life of up to 40 days.
There are many options for the V9000 including:

  • 2 stage audible/visual alarm
  • Air overpressure microphone (100 – 152 dB range)
  • GPS location facility
  • Modem for text alerts and remote download capabilities
  • Compatible with our Vibrock Connect Android App so you can monitor live vibration data direct to your mobile device from anywhere

Results can be downloaded to a PC (via USB or remotely), using Vibrock’s all new plug and play software, and can be saved, analysed, printed and exported to Microsoft Excel. All graphs can also be saved as PDF files. The V9000 Seismograph is also available as a twin channel transducer instrument enabling measurements on a common time base in two locations simultaneously. The V9000 Seismograph also measures vibration dose value (VDV) to BS 6472 Part 1:2008.

VibrockConnect Android App

Our all new VibrockConnect Android App allows users to receive LIVE DATA from our V9000 (Modem) Vibration Monitors