BlastBlock soundproofing

BlastBlock is the best performing, acoustically designed and optimized MLV available in the market.

BlastBlock, the high-performance noise insulation material that uses very little space but has incredible noise reduction capabilities.

BlastBlock, Noise Stopper, Blocks Acoustic Noise, Improved Transmission Loss


Noise control, noise insulation, noise abatement.

BlastBlock is also known as a limp mass barrier and it’s really brilliant at dampening (deadening) unwanted sounds. BlastBlock is a very dense vinyl sheet with added aluminium, solely designed and optimized for noise abatement in the Netherlands. It can be added to any existing wall construction to improve noise transmission loss or used as the middle layer in light wall constructions.

It is very easy to install and can be cut to the desired size just with a utility knife.

Use high-performance BlastBlock noise insulation for noise control in your house, condominium, apartment, entertainment venue, automotive industry, general industry, boat or yacht, speakers, basically anywhere where noise is an issue BlastBlock can help you.

Describe your noise control issue and our engineers will advise you the best way to solve it, just fill in the contact-form.

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