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Nor1297 Noise Compass Directional noise measurements

NoiseCompass, Noise monitoring with direction

Noise monitoring with direction One of the greatest challenges with unattended noise monitoring is to ensure that the monitored site ...
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The Colors of The Noise

Sound is a collection of random signals that have certain physical characteristics that depend on the sound source. One of ...
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The Nano-guitar String that Plays Itself

Scientists at Lancaster University and the University of Oxford have created a nano-electronic circuit which vibrates without any external force ...
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A Review of Acoustics in the Hospitality Industry: A Subjective and Objective Analysis

Many bars, cafés, and restaurants have been built in Asia, that is one of the indications that the hospitality industry ...
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Sound measurement is one of the measurements which is considered to be important in a lot of different industries. For ...
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Profound November News

SIT-mounted sensor for Wave Hammer The Profound mounted accelerometer for the SIT-series has been custom-designed for high performance integrity testing of ...
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