Calibration services Geonoise Thailand

Geonoise Calibration services for Soundlevel meters, microphones, pre-amplifiers, calibrators for all brands.

Geonoise cooperated with accredited Norsonic Calibration Laboratory in Norway and set up the ‘Norsonic Calibration Laboratory Asia’, located in Geonoise premises. All procedures, (environmental) parameters and hardware/software comply with ISO17025.

You can send your microphones, calibrators, and sound measuring instruments to us for calibration whenever needed, but calibration contracts to ensure calibration on regular basis are also available.

Contact us for details on prices and delivery times. We recommend that you contact us before sending equipment to us to keep the time you’re without your equipment at a minimum. For your daily verification of the performance of your sound measuring equipment Norsonic offer a range of sound calibrators.

The basic equipment (Nor1504A) used in the Norsonic Calibration Laboratory Asia is also available for sale to those who want to build up their own sound measuring equipment calibration facility. 

nor1504a Calibration
Norsonic Asia Calibration Laboratory

Some of the services provided:

  • calibration of microphones
  • calibration of calibrators
  • calibration of sound level meters
  • check the proper functioning of microphones, calibrators, preamplifiers, sound level meters, dosimeters
  • establish the self-noise level of sound level meter
  • calibration of vibration meters
  • calibration of accelerometers

Typically recommended calibration intervals:


  • Soundlevelmeters complying with  IEC 61672:Part 1, every year
  • Oher Soundlevelmeters, every year
  • Personal Dosemeters – every year
  • Microphones – every year
  • Sound Analyser for Building Acoustics, every 2 years
  • Acoustic Calibrators (Mechanical or Electronic) – every year



We can do calibration for major brands of sound level meters / analyzers such as Norsonic, Bruel Kjaer, 01dB, Svantek, Rion, Cirrus, Castle, Quest, Larson Davis, Casella, Ono Sokki, Aco, Dicesva, Metrosonics, Sonopan, Terrasonde, Sencore, Cortex, IVIE, Extech, Cygnet, Delta Ohm and many more brands.