CATEC software / measuring and analyzing systems

CATEC Japan software/measuring and analyzing systems

Especially for the automotive sector and general industries, we have a wide range of noise and vibration registration and analyzing software

CAT System Pro

Cat System Pro is noise and vibration registration and analyzing software. Time data recording, real-time data acquisition, FFT, 1/N octave filtering, power spectrum map. In combination with a USB camera, the video can be recorded with time data simultaneously.

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CAT-Order tracking

CAT Order tracking software needs noise and vibration and rotation data to analyze the rotation order ratio of the object. Colour mapping, Campbell diagram, waterfall plot, rpm-level display and more very useful functions.

Measure Strain

Measure Strain uses NI9237 Hardware and terminal adapter to measure the strain. It can be directly connected to a strain gauge without the amplifier.

CAT-AR SPL color map

Sound pressure level fluctuations and changes are made visible using a microphone array. Based on the sound pressure level at the measurement position. Overlay with an image is possible.

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This is a Report Creation Support Tool, it’s an excel-sheet add-on. It can be easily accessed via the Excel toolbar. layout creation, graphs position, lines etc.

State Analyzer

This can handle csv and wave files. Overlay display. Scaling, shifting the start point on the time axis.

FFT / moving average (moving Leq) / integral / differantial processing / digital filters / four arithmetic operations.

CAT Data Logger Catalog – Geonoise Asia

CAT Sound Quality (stationary)

This software can handle wave files to calculate psychoacoustic evaluation quantities. You can observe fluctuations in the Loudness/Sharpness. Non-stationary Loudness and Sharpness.

Fluctuation Sound Analysis

This software package can handle wave flies. It makes clear sound features based on the two aces of frequency and fluctuating frequency by using the concept of time fluctuation.

Passby noise is an in-car system with a GPS based speed sensor and engine tachometer. The out-car system needs (wireless) connection with sound level meters/analyzers. Measurement data from both in-car and out-car are wirelessly merged after each test run. ISO362. Including standards such as

R51:4 Wheels
R63: Moped
R9:3 Wheels
R28: Alarm machine
R41:2 Wheels
R117: Tire noise

Brake noise system

The Break noise test system determines the brake squeal by measuring both vibration and noise levels of the brakes.

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Mission Noise Test System

The tracking function for pass/fail judgment by capturing level variation in the specified order of transmission while rotational speed is constant, increased or decreased.

Comparator (block type)

This is a pass/fail judgment software package used at production lines by analyzing sound/vibration from products. The Block Comparator Function for pass/fail judgment from the level of characteristic frequency signal using preset judgment block area.

Comparator (learning type)

Pass/fail judgment software package used at production lines by analyzing sound and vibration from manufactured products. The Shape Comparator Function is used to determine the pass/fail status by waveform shape.

CAT CMP Catalog – Geonoise Asia

Equipment Diagnosis

This software suite reads the vibration data file that has been measured by a vibration meter and manages equipment diagnosis of equipment. Relative value judgement / Absolute value judgment / Lifetime prediction.

CAT – PWL, Sound Power Level

This software calculates the sound power for construction machinery. 6 measurement points at the operators’ position. Report sheets in excel format.


Environmental vibration measurements. To be used with sound and/or vibration meter. Instantaneous levels or set time of the calculated value (Leq, Lmax, Lmin, Lx( and displays a warning for (multiple) threshold levels.

ME Scope VES link

This provides the data measured by the CAT-system to ME’Scope. Measurement points and direction can be displayed on the screen, to measure it and don’t miss any event!

Any of CAT software products can be adapted to users needs with different User Interface layout, additional functions etc.