Geonoise Asia.

Welcome to Geonoise Asia; independent acoustical engineers specialized in sound assessment, noise control, vibration control, firstly established in Thailand in 2006.

Geonoise is an independent noise and vibration engineering and consulting company with the offices in Bangkok Thailand, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Yangon Myanmar, Bangalore India, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Geonoise provides a wide range of acoustical, environmental noise and noise control design services, including concert halls and auditoria design, environmental noise assessments, building acoustics services and industrial noise control. Geonoise’ independent acoustical engineers provide specialized professional consulting services to architects, engineers, government, and industries.

We also sell a range of top-notch registration instruments for noise and vibration as well as noise calculation/prediction software and perform calibration services in our laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand (ISO17025) 

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Acoustical Consulting, Sound instrumentation, Calibration services & Calculation Software


Geonoise in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, , Myanmar, India, Singapore, Hong Kong

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