Continuous Data Acquisition, Signal Analysia and Condition Monitoring

Continuous Data Acquisition, Signal Analysis and Condition Monitoring

m+p Coda is a full-featured turnkey software platform for data acquisition, signal analysis and monitoring. Complete turnkey operation provides quicker time to test by eliminating costly application programming and long learning curves. The extensive built-in features and tools offer a functionality that was previously available only in custom packages. The intuitive graphical user interface facilitates set-up, operation and analysis, thus leading to precise, repeatable results quickly.

Acquisition, Analysis and Monitoring System from m+p international: Key Features to Your Testing Success

  • Complete turnkey solution for highest test efficiencies
  • Mobile and stationary data acquisition and monitoring
  • Scalable from 2 to more than 2,000 channels to match your test requirements
  • Ethernet, USB, LXIbus-based acquisition hardware from different manufacturers
  • Sample rates from 1 Hz to 125 kHz
  • Online data access from any networked PC
  • Support of all common types of transducers and sensors
  • Automatic instrument identification and configuration for fast and easy test set-up
  • Full-featured alarm monitoring and event handling
  • Different user interface languages supported
  • Standalone data acquisition for environments where PCs cannot go

Addressing a Complete Range of Data Acquisition Applications

Thanks to its modular structure and easy parameterization, m+p Coda is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications:

  • Measurements and data analysis on test stands and test assemblies
  • Performance, functional tests and condition monitoring of turbo-compressors, gas and steam turbines, jet engines, rocket engines, gearboxes, generators
  • Experimental structural testing, multi-axis strain and stress analysis
  • Process monitoring in power plants, in refineries, on production lines
  • Vibration monitoring during shaker tests
  • Standalone data acquisition applications

m+p Coda processes virtually every physical quantity, for example, temperatures, voltages, stresses, strains, pressures, forces, accelerations and frequencies. Even high-channel count applications using thousands of channels are configured within a very short time and handled safely and efficiently.

Client/Server System

The client/server architecture allows several test engineers to have concurrent online access to the acquired data for display and analysis operations. The online server approach also ensures reliable data archival and retrieval with integrated error diagnostics to guard against connection and data access issues.

Modular System for any Test Size

The modular architecture makes this package ideal for any test requirement, from tens to thousands of channels.

Powerful Data Management

Configuration data are stored in a central SQL database for maximum flexibility and repeatability. m+p Coda stores and processes the acquired data in its uniform data model. Even different sampling rates for data groups or data acquired asynchronously are permitted. As a rule, the measured raw data are always stored to ensure access to the original data at any time.

Automatic Instrument Identification and Channel Configuration

Using a simple mouse-click, m+p Coda is able to identify the connected measurement hardware including across different manufacturers. The hardware will be listed together with some additional information in a table. The user selects the required instruments, whose samples rates can be different, for the subsequent parallel measurements. A channel configuration wizard, with user­-definable default values, is also available. Additionally virtual instruments can be selected for simulation purposes. The m+p Coda functionality is the same for real and virtual instruments.

Standalone Data Acquisition

For standalone acquisition m+p Coda is used with the m+p VibMobile: The application software is installed on the embedded CPU to which monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected. The data will be stored on an onboard SSD disk. You can analyze this data either directly on the monitor or on a remote PC or laptop.


m+p Coda supports a range of USB, Ethernet and LXIbus-­based instruments from established manufacturers. These instruments are known for their high performance, measurement accuracy and reliability. Users can select their preferred acquisition hardware for any test size. Other or existing acquisition devices can be integrated and communication with subordinate process computers for data transfer is also provided.

Airplane stress measurements m+p VibPilot

VibPilot, m+p Two m+p VibPilot front-ends


  • Portable, compact, rugged housing
  • 4 or 8 input channels, expandable
  • 204.8 kHz max. sampling rate
  • 24-bit resolution
  • Ethernet and USB host interfaces
  • 2 source output channels, safety shutdown
  • 2 tacho inputs
  • 8 digital inputs/outputs
  • Fanless for noise measurements
  • Synchronization of multiple m+p VibPilot front-ends
  • VibPilot Dynamic Signal Analysia