DJB Instruments

Monoaxial IEPE accelerometer, general purpose accelerometer are well suited to a wide range of applications, available with various sensitivities and as side and top entry connectors.


The IH range of impact hammers offer a range of 7 hammers ranging from 50N to 50000N.

The hammers all feature IEPE integrated electronic force transducers for simple connections – direct to analysis  front ends or to voltage source instrumentation.

Why choose DJB?

DJB have been a British leader and manufacturer for over 40 years, proudly achieving a substantial range of quality accelerometers and vibration testing equipment whilst maintaining the unique Konic Shear design introduced by the company’s founder Don Birchall to better aid your needs.  We all have a care for the work we do at DJB, proud of its history and keen for its future. This is reflected in the products we have available and the services provided to support you in your testing needs all the way through your process. The company’s main focus is to manufacture piezoelectric accelerometers (IEPE and Charge), dynamic pressure transducers and analogue signal processing instrumentation for engineers working in the areas stated below.