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Developing Process Troubleshooting Skills

About the Workshop

This workshop is intended to help supervisors, managers, trainers, engineers, or anyone tasked with supporting refinery or process plant operation in safely troubleshooting unit technical problems. The workshop begins with a review of the need for improvement and a discussion of foundational skills. The class provides a sound basic method for troubleshooting and provides job aids to guide use of the method. Participants practice troubleshooting on a series of scenarios on the Simtronics DSS-100 Process Simulator. The workshop will provide attendees skills needed on how to teach and coach troubleshooting . In addition, it will introduce important points for unit leadership during upsets and how to implement and support an effective troubleshooting program.

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About the Workshop

Operator Training Simulators (OTS) are recognized as powerful tools for industry and educational institutions to teach process industry skills. New and experienced users of simulators continually look for ways to improve return on simulator investments by finding more and improved ways to use them. You can find out HOW when you attend this Workshop sponsored by Simtronics – the process simulator leader since 1992! You will learn from the experts – for FREE!