Representing Oscilla Instruments for hearing screening in surrounding SE Asian countries, Geonoise is here to consult you which system to use.

Prolonged exposure to hazardous noise in the workplace will lead to noise-induced hearing loss. The good thing is, it’s 100% preventable !

Early detection of potential hearing loss through screening is an effective tool for securing good hearing health among employees.

Oscilla® provides user-friendly, portable and reliable audiometers for occupational healthcare workers working with industrial hearing screening.

Typical users are:

  • Schools that do screening of all students (from kindergarden up to 12th Grade), to make sure that all students have good hearing capabilities, children fallling behind could just have some issues with hearing
  • Safety officers in factories, every factory which is noisy has to screen the hearing of their workers on a yearly base, regulations such as wearing mufflers are well in place, but not always enforced, regular screening is a must
  • Clinics / hospitals, for easy and fast screening, Oscilla is your partner

The most popular system is the TSM500, a fully automated system that can be operated by anybody, is an audiometer and tympanometer. The audiometry part features air- and bone conduction. The tympanometer is used for measuring the compliance of the tympanic membrane and for ipsi- and contraleteral reflex testing.

There are standalone systems as well as USB system based on a PC of Laptop.

Hearing screening occupational healthcare Oscilla Asia

Hearing screening occupational healthcare Oscilla Asia

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