Industrial noise control Thailand

In the field of industrial noise control we can perform the following specializations:

noise and vibrations measurements in existing and new to build industrial building and plants
noise and vibrations measurements and noise and vibrations analyzes
calculate noise and vibrations levels, sound power etc. for various international standards
statistic noise and vibrations analyzes
determine the acoustical and noise control solutions that have to be taken to apply with the local noise and vibration regulations
calculate and plot noise maps

Some examples of the industries from our clients:

plastic manufacturing, concrete manufacturing, chemicals manufacturing, waste treatment, transport, piping, wood, metal etc.
Technical Installations
Noise from technical installations

From technical installations Geonoise can perform:

determine the noise and vibration levels by means of measurements or calculations
determine the sound and vibrations solutions to be taken
design (together with installation company) the technical installation

Experience with:

ventilation systems
airc onditioning systems
electrical power installations
elevators, pumps, hydrofores, generators,chillers etc.

Geonoise Thailand Co. Ltd., noise control and independent acoustical engineers in Thailand

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