Machine conditioning monitoring via Bluetooth for Hazardous Area approval

GTI now offers a Bluetooth solution for Hazardous Area approval. This is a single channel sensor and works with our new VibePro 24/7 app for iPad (details to follow). APEX.

The GTI Predictive wireless vibration sensor, certified for use in hazardous locations, is an ultra-low power, battery operated, wireless sensor that measures vibration and temperature. It uses the latest Bluetooth 5 low power wireless communications standard and can operate stand-alone, or in a network of multiple sensor devices. The operation is user programmable, from waking up at predetermined intervals to take vibration and temperature measurements, through near continuous operation, constantly monitoring data and signalling pre-set events. Raw data is then available for transmission to a host device for processing, trending and archiving.

The main components of the wireless sensor are a piezo-electric accelerometer, signal conditioning electronics, anti-aliasing low pass filter, analogue-to-digital conversion, power/wake-up control and a low power radio module. The field replaceable battery is contained in a sealed compartment and the device mounts, via a screw thread, directly onto the machine which it is monitoring.

GTI Bluetooth machine conditioning sensor for Hazardous Areas

The wireless vibration sensor provides a solution for condition monitoring of rotating machinery. It is used primarily in process industries where common applications are monitoring of motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes etc. The device provides data from which overall values of vibration, bearing condition and temperature (often referred to as process variables) as well as high-resolution spectra of vibration and bearing envelope, can be determined.
When compared with wired alternatives, the wireless vibration sensor offers the advantages of extreme ease of installation and battery life up to 5 years.

Download the SW-BT-A ATEX Bluetooth Wireless Sensor-1