Material testing services Thailand, acoustic properties

In our acoustic laboratory, we perform many tests for our customers.

Some of the tests are:

  • airflow measurements complying with ISO 9053/DIN EN 29053 (DIN52213)
  • sound absorption of materials with an impedance tube ISO10534-2, ASTM E1050
  • sound transmission loss of materials with an Kundt impedance tube ASTM E2611
  • sound absorption in reverberation room complying with ISO354 / ISO11654 / ASTM E90-09
  • sound transmission loss of materials complying with ISO140 / ISO10140 / ASTM E90-09
  • ultrasonic testing of setting processes for organic and inorganic building products, binders, adhesives
  • vibration testing on electrodynamic and hydraulic shakers, all test modes supported
  • Structural testing, modal analysis, impact testing
  • rotating machinery analysis
  • test stand engineering
  • data acquisition and condition monitoring
  • calibration of sound level meters, calibrators, microphones, pistonphones
  • calibration of vibration meters, accelerometers

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