Machine Condition Monitoring

RM-IOT-B Rotor Monitoring System

Wireless Rotor Health Monitoring System Battery

  • Rule-based rotor management
  • Custom alarm thershold
  • AI degradation inference trend
  • Mobile APP remote synchronization

Pain points that RM-IoT-B solves

Machine hard to reach

Sometimes machine location is a problem, overhead & scattered can add more difficulties to your inspection conduction.

Safety concerns:

Employees are always precious assets to the company. You would never put your workers into hazardous working environments for data collecting, eg. High temp, the potential to explode.

Spare inventory waste:

Scientific analytics assist in an appropriate spare stock management.

Alternative to pricy manpower:

Intensive inspections conducted manually can be very costly and the analytic result can vary from one to another depending on their professional knowledge. Machines never complain or are late, always accurate according to your settings.

RM-IoT-B features introduction

Easy operation

Within 1hr product training averagely, users are ready to get started.

No restriction

All rotors are good for adopted and gradually expanded.

Fast deployment

Hundreds of measurement points building up within 3 days.

Low cost

No wiring, piping engineering cost and effort.

RM-IoT-B functionality

Rule-based rotor management

AI degradation inference trend

Custom alarm threshold

Mobile APP synchronization

Function introduction: Rule-based rotor management

Rule-based rotor management
The system-integrated ISO norms 10816/20816/2372 are applied for all rotating machinery(Motors, Compressors, Pumps) from Semiconductor to conventional manufacturing industries.
No need to memorize machines’ criteria values, users can configure the respective regulation criteria according to the power consumption range. Machine health hierarchies are sharp color-coded, and users get to have a glance at the whole plant machine condition by Good, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory, and Unacceptable levels.

Function introduction: AI degradation inference trend

AI degradation inference trend : (Optional)
Leveraging 25 parameters accumulated and through an AI cross-comparison algorithm, this function not only tells the current degradation level but also the future degradation forecast in 7 days. Intuitive colored displays level machines in Normal, Light, Moderate, and Dangerous, according to which users can schedule and plan maintenance ahead of time for the preparation of spares to avoid long delivery.

Function introduction: Custom alarm threshold

Custom alarm threshold:
Triaxial MEMS accelerometer collects 25 versatile parameters, including temp., acceleration, velocity, displacement, etc. Users can tailor-make their own threshold limits or follow machine vendors’ baselines. When the thresholds get exceeded, the background color will be changed from green to red to initiate the alarm notification.

Function introduction: Mobile APP remote synchronization

Mobile APP remote synchronization: (Optional) Responsive web programming allows all types of smartphones and tablets logging. Under the circumstances of intranet or fixed IP, you are able to sync with the plant anytime, anywhere.

RM-IOT-B deployment structure

RM-IOT-B package

LoRaWAN Gateway

・ LoRaWAN gateway supports up to 100-500 nodes

・ RJ45 interface for the backhaul connection

・Din rail & wall mount supportive

Wireless sensor

・ Powered by 3.6V AA lithium battery (easy to purchase)
・Customized transmit interval( Min. 10-sec to Max. 24-hour )
・Built-in 3 axes accelerometer and thermometer(include 24 characteristic vibration values)
・Wide temp. operation -20 ~ 85 °C
・ IP 66 dust-tight and high pressured water jet proof ・ Oil proof, anti explosion / Dust proof, anti explosion

Solution advantage

Machine location:5F
Measurement point:8 units of cooling tower, 32 points in total
Main system location:3F
Transmission distance:400m

Online monitoring methods

BT/Wifi transmission

Wired transmission


Sensor price





At least 2 units

1~2 units according to max. channel supported

1 unit

Nodes supported per gateway

Max. 30 nodes

1~32 channels

100 / 500 nodes

Signal coverage

50-100 meters

100 meters

800 meters

Signal extending

Signal extender to solve the metal interference & weak signal issue




・Signal strength testing to allocate gateway base
・Sensor affixing

・Wiring, piping and other relevant engineering efforts
・Sensor affixing

・Signal strength testing to allocate gateway base
・Sensor affixing

Future expansion

Easily, but highly require additional gateways

・Complex and costly
・Must require another piping, wiring engineering


Infra cost




Over 30% of saving minimum

Situation Room, at a glance!

Time trend of different parameters.

Log file output for all alarms.

Mail alarm notifications (Line APP supported too).

Data exportation.

Quick sorting function

Built-in measurement points on common machinery

Built-in a dozen of common rotating machines along with point orange pins. Even no professional background users can start measurement immediately.

Field & Target machine for Machine Condition Monitoring

Semiconductor Industry, Petrochemical Plant, Food Factory, Pharmaceutical Plant, Paper Mill, Panel Factory, Led Factory, Power Plant, Pumping Station, Sewage Treatment Plant, Processing and Manufacturing, Equipment Manufacturers, Maintenance Service Providers, etc.

Target machine:
Pump: vacuum pump, oil pump, sewage pump, etc.
Production equipment: machine tool spindle, cutting machine, etc.
Air compressors: screw, centrifugal, reciprocating air compressors, etc.
Others: cooling towers, exhaust windmills, HVAC, etc.


Please click on video to watch

Rotors determine the machine condition, 70% of unscheduled downtime can be prevented by simply monitoring the Rotor quality. Wireless monitoring is the solution ! For motors, scroll pumps, exhaust windmill, cooling towers, roll-to-toll equipment, roll-to-troll conveyer belt, waterpump, air compressor, vacuum pump, dry pump, gearbox.

Be constantly advised about rotor quality to prevent unscheduled downtime.

On site measurement of Rotor quality in sewage plant, turbine blower.