Vibration analyzer VM100A

Vibration analyzer VM100A


  • Condition monitoring of rotating machinery, like motors, pumps, compressors, turbines or gearboxes
  • Route-based measurements at machines
  • Roller bearing diagnosis
  • Balancing
  • Measurement of hand-transmitted and whole-body vibration
  • Run up/coast down analysis; resonance finding
  • Vibrations on passenger and merchant ships
  • Vibration measurement at very sensitive equipment (VC/Nano)


  • Large screen with touch operation for clear user guidance
  • 9 independent sensor channels, e.g. for three triaxial sensors
  • Measurement of vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • Amplitude over rotation speed graphs
  • Frequency analysis (FFT) with waterfall mode; Envelope analysis
  • Weighting filters for hand-arm vibration and whole-body vibration
  • RMS (1 s and infinite); vibration dose value (VDV); vector sum; peak; maximum peak
  • TEDS sensor detection; Measurement point identification with RFID tags
  • Tachometer input for RPM measurement
  • Measurements saved on μSD card, PC connection via USB
  • 9-channel time history plot of up to 10 hours
  • Raw-signal recording as WAV file
  • Infrared temperature measurement

Scope of Delivery:

Carrying case; USB cable; charger

Optional accessories:

  • VM100-RPM: License for amplitude-rotation speed measurement
  • VM100-MAC: License for machine vibration and measurement route management 
  • VM100-ENV: License for envelope analysis for roller bearing diagnosis
  • VM100-BAL: License for balancing in one or two planes
  • VM100-VC: License for third-octave analysis; VC and Nano criteria VM100-HA: License for hand-arm vibration measurement
  • VM100-WB1: License for whole-body vibration measurement
  • VM100-WB3: License for whole-body vibration measurement with 3 sensors 034-B711-BNCf: sensor adapter cable with 3 BNC female plugs; 0.5 m VM100-LS: Photoelectric reflex switch with 5 m cable and magnetic stand

Notice: The licenses VM100-AMP (amplitude-time/plotter) and VM100-FFT are included.