MicroVec Mini PIV

MicroVec Mini PIV SystemMini PIV System

The most economical and simple PIV solution

Experimental flow diagnostics often demand huge investment budgets which many research organizations or individuals with limited budgets find challenging. It makes access to knowledge in basic educational research restricted and also limits the creation of new knowledgeable in advanced research. Specially, research and educationalinstitutes that can easily secure smaller departmental funding may notstand a chance to do research using PIV.

MicroVec identified this essential need, and has now made experimental flow visualization forresearch and educational purposes remarkably affordable while retaining the analyzing power of a typical PIV flow diagnostic exercise. Thus, in combination with well-integrated hardware and software, MicroVec offers a Mini PIV system that can be used by researchersfrom all over the world at an unprecedentedly economical price in the PIV market.

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV): Mini PIVParticle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is an optical flow visualizationmethod used in education & research. It can provide instantaneousvelocity measurements and related properties in fluids. The fluid isseeded with tracer particles which are illuminated by a laser. The images of illuminated particles are captured by a camera. A sequenceof images obtained is then processed for determining the velocity fieldof the flow observed. Further processing leads to compute vortices, streamlines, or any desired flow parameter. A PIV software is used toprocess the optical images.

Even though the Mini PIV system is particularly aimed at customerswith budget constraints, Microvec’s high precision software packageprovides a powerful tool characterized by its industry standard algorithms and intuitive interface. Mini PIV system is suitable for both inair and water measurements, whose flow speeds may notch up to 20m/s.

The system features a fully sealed diode laser (532nm Diode PumpedSolid State (DPSS) green laser, 1W), which is suitable in places wheremore sensitive Nd:YAG lasers are not recommended (e.g. underwater). The CMOS camera with a USB interface makes the operation extremely easy, and a resolution of 640× 480 pixels at 800 fps makes thesystem suitable for observing rather high speed (or small field of view)situations. Also, apart from being economical and simple, the surfacepad comes with the Mini PIV system makes it entirely portable, whichcompletes a range of worthy repertoire in our Mini PIV system.

MicroVec Mini PIV System

Key features & benefits

• Turnkey Mini PIV system is uniquely affordable and simple to use

• The mini PIV system is not only limited to simplicity and alow price tag, but also its versatility allows to use in a broad range of applications

• Control of the system through a surface pad provided makes our system entirely portable

• Learning fluid mechanical problems through the use of state of the art technology helps to create new knowledge and enhance creativity and research skills

• Intuitive and easy to use the software.System components

• Laser: 1W DPSS laser operating at a wavelength of 532nm, supports double exposure mode

• Camera: CMOS camera with a 640 × 480 (VGA) resolution and a full frame rate of 800 fps

• Surface Pad: Surface Pro 4: Intel core m3, 4G RAM, 128SSD, integrated Graphics card

• Windows 10 based 2D2C high precision PIV software package: image acquisition and image-processing control; easy control of all hardware components; online particle image acquisition and velocity-analyses function


A range of applications in water or air can be studied by deploying our system in research laboratories, in field measurements, and even in academic classroom settings. Some of these fundamental topics include shear, vorticity, flow past a body, potential flows, boundary layers, fully developed flows, streamlines.

PIV MicroVec Mini surfact pad

PIV MicroVec Mini surface pad