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The piezoelectric accelerometers shown on this page are intended for standard applications in laboratory and industry. There are models with charge output and with IEPE compatible voltage output. All types have stainless steel cases and M5 base threads for mounting. The transducers of KS series have a shear-type sensing element making them less susceptible to thermal transients and base strain. The accelerometers of KD series have a compression type sensing element combining rugged design, precision and low cost. For measurements below 3 Hz generally, shear-type accelerometers of KS series should be preferred.
Models KS56 and KS57 can be used at temperatures up to 250 °C (480 °F).
The low-cost accelerometer KS90B and KS901B are intended for OEM applications in machines or instruments. Model KS90 can be used in charge mode or, with a high-impedance voltage amplifier, in voltage mode.  

Sensitivity10 mV/g100 mV/g10 mV/g100 mV/g
Measuring range±600 g±60 g±600 g±60 g
Linear frequency range (±3 dB)0.12 .. 33000 Hz0.13 .. 24000 Hz0.12 .. 33000 Hz0.13 .. 24000 Hz
ConnectorUNF 10-32, axialUNF 10-32, axialUNF 10-32, radialUNF 10-32, radial
Weight20 g23 g20 g23 g

Universal  /  OEM
OutputIEPE with TEDSIEPE with TEDS
Sensitivity10 mV/g100 mV/g
Measuring range±500 g±60 g
Linearer frequency range (±3 dB)0.65 .. 23000 Hz0.2.. 20000 Hz
ConnectorUNF 10-32, axialUNF 10-32, axial
Weight10.3 g11.3 g

Please consult the Accelerometer selection tool on MMF’swebsite or leave a message so we can consult you.

Many other specialized accelerometers are available such as:

  • universal accelerometers
  • miniature accelerometers for small and light test objects
  • high sensitive accelerometers for very low vibration levels
  • triaxial accelerometers for measurements in three perpendicular axes
  • industrial accelerometers for rough environmental conditions
  • special accelerometers for niche applications
  • force accelerometers for dynamic pressure and tensile forces

MMF KS76 KS77 accelerometer

MMF KS76 KS77 accelerometer

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