Vibration Monitoring Thailand

With a Profound VIBRA you can easily monitor vibrations, which may cause damage to buildings and sensitive equipment. The system is robust, lightweight, portable and battery-operated. Profound has developed 3 different VIBRA’s to meet the individual requirements of international clients. The characteristics of the VIBRA, the VIBRA-sbr and the VIBRA+. Independent of the chosen version of the

Noise Monitoring System Norsonic

Nor1506 Protable Noise Monitoring Terminal (NMT) The weatherproof case Nor1506 has been designed to protect the sound-measuring instrument from heavy weather such as rain and snow. Several versions are available with foam cut out for the different environmental sound measuring instruments, Nor110, Nor116, Nor118, Nor121, Nor131 and Nor140, each configured with or without space for modem and

Noise and Vibration Monitoring statioins

Site Compliance Monitor CM3 The Vibrosound Analyser Model CM3 is the latest in the series of vibration and noise monitoring equipment, uniquely combining vibration monitoring with type 1 precision grade sound/ leq. analysis in a light weight and easy to operate portableunit. Site Compliance Monitoring CM3 available in • Simultaneous (Vibration & Noise type 1 Leq.’s ) or Vibration /Noise

Noise and vibration monitoring

Noise and vibrations monitoring ThailandBuilding sites noise and vibration monitoring Many new building projects are very noisy and often close to residential areas. On long term and/or potentially noisy projects you are advised to carry out a noise survey before the works begin ! This noise survey will be used to set acceptable noise levels and included in any formal agreement

Groundwater Monitoring System BAT system

BAT®-system – Groundwater Monitoring System Unique and proven BAT technology The patented BAT – Groundwater Monitoring System represents an innovative and proven technology for groundwater monitoring and testing. For over twentyfive years the BAT-system has been successfully used in a great number of groundwater monitoring projects worldwide. BAT AB together with Profound have

Geotechnical Monitoring System – IS system

IS-system – Geotechnical Monitoring System The Profound Intelligent Sensor-system is an effective tool for precision monitoring in the geotechnical field. Real-time measuring data on your PC enable you to monitor your project remotely. For over fifteen years the unique and reliable Profound IS-system and more specifically the IS-Liquid Levelling System has been successfully used in

Environmental monitoring

In the Fifties, Sergio Zambelli, in cooperation with some health specialists of the sector, begins the study of scientific equipment for air quality control. Today, many instruments are integrated into automatic and increasingly more sophisticated systems, recognised and approved by many international authorities. The increasing ecological awareness in respect of environmental pollution, and

Blast monitoring Seismograph

VMS-2000 Series Blast Monitoring Seismograph For blast monitoring (mining), a blast monitoring seismograph. The VMS-2000 series is a complete set, so you don’t need anything more to get started. The mining blast monitoring set holds:External GeophoneBattery ChargerMicrophone with standSeisware analysis softwareSoft Carrying Case Some features: VMS-2000 System Features Computer or Field