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Building sites noise and vibration monitoring

Many new building projects are very noisy and often close to residential areas.

On long term and/or potentially noisy projects you are advised to carry out a noise survey before the works begin !

This noise survey will be used to set acceptable noise levels and included in any formal agreement between the contractor and (local) government.

For piling and other operations that may give rise to high vibrations levels, a vibration assessment may be advisable. This information will enable you to determine work methods, type of plant to be used and noise and vibration mitigation measures for the site. It is advisable to install remote noise and vibration monitoring equipment with pre-definable automatic alarms.

Remote sound level monitoring can be performed on a equivalent basis. Sound measuring is continuous, calculations can be made to determine the equivalent sound level over every minute and compare these values live with the pre-defined maximum levels.

If the works include driven piles or heavy breaking, we recommend that for the remote vibration monitoring samples are taken every 10 minutes. If there are party walls or neighbors directly attached to the building site, individual and detailed evaluation will be required.

If heavy plant will be used or if breaking is proposed within 25 meters of neighboring properties, continuous remote vibration monitoring should be carried out. The work site levels will normally be established by the (local) government, either by agreement or enforcement, related to the recorded background levels.

These levels will normally relate to a 10 hour LAeq and may also include a 1 minute LAeq (equivalent sound level over 1 minute). The suitability of specific noise limits is highly dependent upon the individual site.

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The most important factors to be considered are:

The vibration levels should be considered having regard to occupiers and users of buildings and the structural integrity of buildings.

Guidance’s are used on the levels of vibrations, which may cause building damage.

If there where complaints about vibration levels are received, you should consider the need for monitoring at neighboring premises.

Machinery noise and vibration monitoring 


In many industrial applications, maintenance is the single most costly controllable expense.

In recent years the emphasis in maintenance has shifted from scheduled or preventive maintenance to using emerging technology for measuring machinery condition and predicting maintenance requirements or predictive maintenance.

One of the prime technologies used in identifying and predicting machinery problems is the use of noise and vibration monitoring.

We can perform remote noise and vibrations monitoring on almost any equipment.

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