Noise Contour

Geonoise Thailand is equipped to create noise contour, noise mapping, indoor noise mapping (occupational noise mapping) and outdoor terrain noise mapping by our environmental engineers.

After performing noise measurements with a smart grid selction method, we use the very accurate and innovative noise modeling software such as SoundPLAN and NoiseAtWork for your indoor and outdoor noise mapping. Noise contours can be presented for given situations but also noise mitigation measures can be implemented and results shown before anything has been constructed !

Noise contours are used to create noise prediction contours or generate the noise impact from your project or site. The noise contour or noise mapping from the software is easy to understand and can be represented in 2D or 3D models so you can easily see the hotspots where noise could be a problem.

Geonoise Noise registration instruments and software

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Noise contours are can be created for:

– Industry (indoor and outdoor noise contours)
– Warehouses
– Road, Rail, BTS, MRT
– Aircraft Noise
– Mining
– Power plants
– Resident areas
– Building Construction
– Etc.