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Noise contour

Noise Contour Geonoise Thailand is equipped to create noise contour, noise mapping, indoor noise mapping (occupational noise mapping) and outdoor terrain noise mapping by our environmental engineers. After performing noise measurements with a smart grid selction method, we use the very accurate and innovative noise modeling software such as SoundPLAN and NoiseAtWork for your indoor and…

Noise at the working space Thailand

Noise at the working space Thailand Our extensive noise surveys do not only finger possible problems, but also effectively resolve them by developing or helping you to develop administrative and/or engineering noise reduction programs. Our engineering noise reduction programs are based on state of the art measurements of sound intensity, which, unlike common measurements of sound

Noise and vibration analysis Thailand

Noise and vibrations analysis Thailand Noise and vibration analysis can be performed by Geonoise with our very modern tools. This is essential for the construction of new buildings that must meet stringent noise and vibration limits. Our engineers also use advanced prediction tools, including Finite Element (FE) and Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) methods. Geonoise maintains a large

Industrial noise control Thailand

Industrial noise control Thailand In the field of industrial noise control we can perform the following specializations: noise and vibrations measurements in existing and new to build industrial building and plants noise and vibrations measurements and noise and vibrations analyzes calculate noise and vibrations levels, sound power etc. for various international standards

Decibel, explained

Decibel explained, by Geonoise Thailand The decibel (dB) is the unit used to measure the intensity of a sound. The decibel scale is not lineair but logarithmic. This means that increasing the decibel level by a factor or 10 actually raises the power sound 10 times the increase. For example on the decibel scale, the smallest audible sound (near total silence) is 0 dB. A sound 10 times

Building acoustics Thailand

Building Acoustics Thansmission of sound from a source room to adjacent rooms and to the outdoor environment (or vice versa) is a major concern in the design and planning of industrial premises and residential properties alike. Air-borne transmission has been studied extensively at Geonoise Thailand. We have performed many studies, managed the implementation of the measures and performed

Acoustical measurements

Acoustical measurements Acoustical measurements are frequently performed as a part of our services. ‘In situ’ measurements can evaluate existing building, equipment, product or material characteristics. Noise survey measurements are typically undertaken to obtain the data necessary for solving acoustical problems. Field testing measurements are performed to document equipment or

Acoustical Contract specifications review / development

Acoustical contract specifications review / development Geonoise provides extensive consulting to bidding organizations on solicitations and contract specifications. Performance criteria and/or specific treatments can be incorporated into the specification to meet a certain noise goal or acoustic environment. Also the goals can be determined in cooperation. For bidders, we can review

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