Nor13X series of Sound Level Meters

Nor13X series of Sound Level Meters

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Nor131/132 – Description

Easy to use

Just push the START key and measure!

No need to worry about gain setting as the instrument covers the entire range from 20-140 dB in one single span. When the measurement stops, the auto-store feature writes your measurement in the non-volatile memory.

The Nor130 Series of SLM’s uses the latest available digital technology to give the operator a clear view of the noise climate. The main operations are performed through dedicated front panel keys in order to give instant access to all required functions during the measurement. No need to pre-select the required measurement function before starting the investigation. Simply press the NETW-key to swap between the A– and C–weighting networks, and press the FUNC-key to scroll through all the measured functions.

Legible display with backlight

The high resolution back-lit graphical display presents all results clearly. The graphical screen contains a bar graph with the instantaneous SPL level plus the numerical value of the selected functions for both weighting networks. Date, time and the instrument status are displayed as well.

A push on the TBL-key presents all results in a tabular view.

Quatro detector

The Quatro detector in the instrument is capable of detecting both the RMS– and the Peak–levels from two weighting networks simultaneously! Hence, the Nor130 Series offer industrial hygiene specialists the LAeq, LCeq, LApeak, and LCpeak from one single measurement.

Large memory

Measurement results may be stored in the 5 MB internal memory. This memory is of the ”flash” type that will retain the information without a power supply.

The memory typically holds all measured functions from up to 10,000 individual measurements. If both the optional features, octave analysis (Option 1) and statistical indices (Option 2), are installed the memory will hold 2,500 sets of results.

USB interface

Remote control of the instrument is possible via the state-of-the-art USB interface. All features may be controlled, and all measured results may be read-out.

By use of the Norsonic NorXfer software (ordered separately), data downloading is completed in a few keystrokes in a Windows Explorer environment

Occupational hygiene

The Nor130 Series is ideal for noise deafness risk assessments under the EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive. It measures all required functions and presents the results both during and after the measurement period. The LAeq,t and LCpeak values are provided to allow the LEP,d and peak action levels to be Determined from quick and simple measurements at each workstation. Where exceeding is detected the LCeq–LAeq value is available to allow the HML method of hearing protector to be specified.

For a more detailed analysis, the instruments may be upgraded with 1/1- or 1/3-octave real-time frequency analysis (Option 1 and 4). The resulting frequency spectrum is available at the same time as the initial measurement and gives the information necessary to both specify noise control measures and for the correct prescription of personal hearing protection.

Environmental noise assessments

By adding the statistical LN function (option 2) the instrument will also provide the dB values in terms of the L5, L10, L50 , L90 etc that are required to determine the impact of noise in the community.

These measurements often require long term noise monitoring. With the clock synchronized automatic storage facility in the Nor130 series, repeated measurements may be performed with the results automatically stored to allow these long term measurements to be made, yet preserving the temporal data on the dispersion of the levels. By taking, for example, 5 minutes measurements on repeat store, the Nor130 instruments will produce 288 measurements per 24 hour period. These measurement files are easily downloaded to a PC using the NorXfer software which will additionally convert all these files into one single Excel-file containing an overview of all the measured data for the entire 24 hour period.

An enhanced solution is also provided by adding the level vs. time option (option 3). This allows a more detailed analysis with a period resolution to be selected from 1 sec. Each period in the profile consists of LAeq, LAmax, and LCpeak (or LZpeak). In addition is the overall measurement result for the entire level vs time period reported. This equals to a “normal” measurement done with the basic sound level meter. Hence, the user may get a high-resolution report for each period with LAeq, LAmax, LCpeak and an overall measurement report for the same parameters in addition to the other parameters measured in the basic version and optionally 8 statistical values and frequency analysis (1/1 or 1/3 octave band real-time analysis)

“Firecracker” noise measurement

The Nor131 and Nor132 Sound Lever Meters with a suitable pre-polarized microphone are very good choices for the measurement of firecracker noise. This type of noise is characterized by very high peak levels, but with a suitable 1/4″ microphone connected to the meter through the use of an adapter, one can accurately measure levels up to 174dB (the meters can display levels to at least 180dB) Nor131/Nor132 – Features

Single measurement range
Extremely simple operation
Parallel LAeq and LCpeak
Real-time octaves
Large internal memory
Clock synchronized measurements
Single measurement range
USB interface
Allows use of microphone extension cable (Nor131 only)
Large back-lighted display
Complies to IEC and ANSI standards
1/1 octave (optional)
1/3 octave (optional)
Statistical analysis (optional)
Level versus time (optional)


Noise hazards in the workplace
Prescription of hearing protection
Environmental noise investigations
Product noise testing
General purpose sound level meter

Nor131/132 – Options
Option 0 LTmax5, LeqI and Leq measurements according to German Standards
Option 1 1/1-octave real-time filters
Option 2 Statistical analysis
Option 3 Level vs Time measurements
Option 4 1/3-octave real-time filters
Nor131/132 – Specifications

(Common for both models unless noted.)

The Nor130 series of SLM fulfill the following standards: IEC60651, IEC60804, IEC61672, IEC61260, ANSI S1.4, ANSI S1.11, and ANSI S1.43. The Nor131 instrument meets the Class1 requirements while the Nor132 instrument is to the Class 2 requirements.

Measured Parameters:

Simultaneous measurement of SPL, Leq, LMax, LMin, LE and LPeak (plus the Tmax5 for Germany only)

Time weighting functions:

Fast, Slow, or Impulse

Spectral weighting functions:

Simultaneously measurement of A and C or Z-weighting. Additionally, the 1/1 octave real-time filters covering all bands from 8 Hz to 16 kHz (option 1).

Statistical calculations (option 2):

7 fixed percentiles L1%, L5%, L10%, L50%, L90%, L95%, and L99%, plus one user defined value (f.ex. L0.1%). The statistical calculation is in real time also within each frequency band if the filter option 1 is installed.

Measurement range:

One range covering 120dB without any range changing Self-noise measured with microphone: 17 dB(A) (25dB(A) for Nor132) Maximum RMS level 137 dB(A) Maximum Peak level 140 dB Peak C.

Battery / power consumption:

4 IEC LR6 (AA sized). Separate display showing battery voltage and time on battery since last battery change. Nominal operation time on one set of batteries is >8 hours. Nominal 11-15 Volt external DC voltage. If supply drops below 9 volts it switches uninterrupted to internal batteries.

Data storage:

5 MB internal memory equals 2.5 million values which typically holds all measured functions from up to 10,000 individual measurements. If both the optional features, octave analysis (Option 1) and statistical indices (Option 2), are installed the memory will typically hold 2,500 sets of results.


Data transfer via USB 1.1 interface.

Microphone and preamplifier:

Detachable ICP preamplifier on Nor131 which allows up to 30 meters of extension cable to be used without any loss in the specification. For sound levels, less than 130 dB up to 100-meter cable can be used, and up to 300 meters for levels less than 120 dB. Nor132 has a fixed ICP preamplifier. The microphones are free field electret types. A built-in random incidence correction network can be selected. A built-in optional correction network for the windscreen can also be selected.

Analog output:

AC output, 100 mV for full-scale deflection.

Size and weight:

Depth: 29 mm
Width: 74 mm
Length, excl. microphone/preamplifier: 215 mm
Length, incl. microphone/preamplifier: 305 mm
Weight incl. batteries: 380 g