Noise monitoring made easy!

NorCloud is designed to fit your need for noise monitoring.

Even if you are a non-expert, NorCloud offers you an easy setup of a project with alarms and triggers.

Assigning your sound level meter or sound monitoring station has never been easier; connect the instrument to the Internet, register the sensors id number in your NorCloud project, and you are up and running. Once registered the same sensor can easily be moved between your projects when needed.

A powerful report generator integrated into NorCloud offers you to design your own report templates (or you can use one of our standard templates). You can set NorCloud to distribute via e-mail as many measurement reports that you need, as often as you want. Or just select a time window in the graph, and generate a NorCloud report based on the selected time span.

Whenever and wherever you need to monitor and collect noise data on a permanent or a long time span as in:

  • Construction noise monitoring
  • Transport noise monitoring
  • City noise monitoring
  • Industrial estate noise monitoring
  • Airport noise monitoring
  • Harbour noise monitoring
  • Race track and Shooting range monitoring
  • Outdoor concerts and venues

NorCloud is seamlessly integrated with NorReview, when further analysis of measurement data is needed. Just select the period window of interest, download the measurement and open it in NorReview. The NorReview PC software package is one of the most powerful tools available for post-processing and presentation of environmental noise data.

NorCloud is available in English, German, French, and Spanish.

Download Norcloud Datasheet