PDA DLT-system Pile Driving Analysis and Dynamic Load Testing

PDA DLT Pile Driving Analysis Dynamic Load Testing Profound

PDA DLT Box Profound

Pile Driving Analysis/Dynamic Load Testing

Dynamic Load Testing (DLT) is a frequently used worldwide technique to evaluate the bearing capacity of piles. The Profound PDA/DLT-system is used for both DLT and for Pile Driving Analysis (PDA) as a powerful tool to control the pile driving process and reduce risks involved.

Dynamic Load Testing

The Dynamic Load Test (DLT) is a considerably faster and cost-effective alternative for a Static Load Test (SLT). With the Profound PDA/DLT-system the bearing capacity of several piles can be assessed in a single day. DLT is used for cast-in-place, prefabricated concrete piles and all types of steel piles.

The load is applied by an impact hammer or a suitable drop weight onto the prepared pile head. The generated compression wave travels down the pile and reflects upwards. This reflected wave contains information about the shaft friction, toe resistance and possible pile defects. The measured signals are processed and automatically stored by the PDA/DLT-system. The data can easily be retrieved for further review, graphical presentations or reporting in full accordance with ASTM D4945-12.

PDA/DLT signal

Pile Driving Analysis
During pile driving the performance of the hammer, the condition of the cushion, the behaviour of the pile and the driving resistance of the soil are accurately monitored and analysed.

The additional knowledge obtained by performed PDA can pay for itself many times over by:

Reducing the risk of damage to the pile or hammer.
Reducing the risk of damage to the superstructure caused by failure of the foundation.
Optimisation of the final depth of driving, which may result in a shorter pile length.
Facilitating the prediction of pile driving and selection of the correct hammer for future projects. A quality record of each pile can be supplied to clients and authorities.

Profound PDA/DLT-system

The Profound PDA/DLT-system fully complies with ASTM D4945-12. The system consists of a PDA-USB signal conditioner, a 4 channel junction box with a 50m cable reel, Windows PC software for data acquisition and reporting, 2 sets of combined strain and acceleration sensors and a set of mounting accessories. The PDA-USB conditioner is connected to a Windows OS XP/Vista or WIN7 laptop. Depending on the usage frequency and measurement purpose, you can use a suitable sturdy Windows field laptop to combine with the PDA-USB conditioner. Profound can assist you with the optimum choice.

The complete package makes it possible to carry out PDA or DLT tests. In case you want to determine pile (ultimate) capacity and load displacement behaviour we advise to include the program DLTWAVE for signal matching.

Key advantages of the PDA/DLT-system

Fully digital signal processing
Optimum flexibility and reliability
Integrated sensor condition testing
Immediate presentation of acquired data on screen
Flexible USB based conditioner
Easy mounting and handling of sensors and cables
Proven technique in full compliance with ASTM D4945-12
Backed by 40 years of pile testing experience
Efficient addition to Static Load Testing according to Eurocode 7