NoiseQC, product quality control by noise and vibration

Following the growing need for quality control of manufactured products with moving parts, Geonoise has launched NoiseQC, the software for manufacturers wishing to improve their quality control methods and productivity. Through this visually based and easy to use tool, the tests for Go / NoGo and practical statistics are directly available to the user.

It is primarily through the realtime analysing of sound and vibrations that NoiseQC software can objectively analyze the functionality of all kinds of products in all environments and determine whether the product can be marketed (Go) or has to be set aside for further inspection (NoGo). Together with NoiseQC there is a the Norsonic SoundBOX which can be fitted with either a G.R.A.S. microphone or a DYTRAN accelerometer.

By using NoiseQC software any issues in the manufacturing process that leave room for improvement will be shown. 


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