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Norsonic Building Acoustics for Rent

Norsonic Noise source Noise Excitation Equipment for Building Acoustics Measurements Nor276 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker The Nor276 is a high power loudspeaker with omnidirectional characteristics. It fulfils the following standards; ISO 140-3 Annex C (Laboratory measurements), ISO 140-4 Annex A (Field measurements) and the ISO3382 Annex A (Reverberation Time measurements).

Geonoise Noise registration instruments and software

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10220 Sai Mai, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: (+66) 02-0035904
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Acoustic Camera Nor848 for Rent

Acoustic Camera Nor848 for Rent Geonoise Thailand provides a unique opportunity in Thailand to experience the benefits of the Nor848 Acoustic Camera. We offer: – Rental: Utilize and apply the acoustic camera to your company’s project for one day or more. – Demonstration: Make a reservation for a live demo by our Acoustical Engineer. Please contact us as soon as possible for the

Nor140 Sound Analyzer for Rent

Sound level meter – Nor1225 Microphone – Nor1209 preamplifier – Nor1451 60 mm. windscreen – Nor1331 carry case – Nor340 mains adaptor – 2GB SD memory card – USB data cable – Tripod – NorXfer software A precision hand held sound analyser designed for the most demanding users. With this analyser Norsonic set a new standard for sound level

Other Norsonic equipment for rent

All Norsonic equipment is available for rent from our Bangkok office including: Nor850 for rent Nor276 for rent Nor277 for rent Nor278 for rent Nor280 for rent Nor150 for rent Nor133 for rent Nor136 for rent Nor139 for rent Also noise monitoring and vibration monitoring stations are available for short term or long term rent. For inquiries, please contact us.
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