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  Recommended Reverberation Time

Theres not an unique ideal Reverberation Time. Each case is different and needs an specific one. Select your type
of room to see the recommended Reverberation Time.

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  How does it work?

First, we calculate the total mean absorption of the room according to your introduced data. Then, we choose Sabine or Eyring in function of this result, and obtain the Reverberation Time by using their formulas. Both Sabine and Eyring are good general approaches for reverberation time calculations but will give the best results for simple “shoebox shaped rooms”.

Sabine Eyring
Absorption coefficient $$$\bar\alpha < 0.2$$$ $$$\bar\alpha \geq 0.2$$$
Formula $$$RT = {{0.161 V}\over{\bar\alpha S} }$$$ $$$RT = {{0.161 V}\over{-S \ln (1- \bar\alpha)} }$$$