Silentium’s S-Cube Development Kit, Active Noise Control (ANC)

Active Noise Control solutions (ANC) for:

  • Cars OEMs.
  • Infotainment systems suppliers to automotive.  
  • Audio amplifiers suppliers to automotive. (ANC software is ported into the amplifier).
  • Cars Seat manufacturers.
  • HVAC Systems for automotive.

Silentium’s S-Cube Development Kit, Active Noise Control (ANC)

Quiet Bubble Development Kit

Acoustirack, Rack-Mount Cabinet Active Noise Control

S-Cube Development kit Anti Noise Control ANC
Quiet Bubble Development Kit ANC Active Noise Control
Acoustirack ANC noise cancellation Rack-Mounted cabinet

Silentium’s S-Cube™ Development Kit

Silentium’s S-Cube™ Development Kit allows system designers to come up with a custom noise reduction solution for loud electronic equipment. The kit is the heart of Silentium’s Active Noise Control (ANC) range of products that reduce annoying fan noise in servers, networking equipment, air conditioning systems, medical equipment, and more.

It can be used in any application where the constant humming of fans used in the cooling of electronic equipment causes irritating noise in the surrounding area.

Now you can use Silentium’s ANC solution in your own electronic applications and create a quieter workplace.

S-Cube Development kit Anti Noise Control

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Welcome to the QBDT™, our unique patented Do-it-Yourself solution, based on proprietary algorithms that work to actively reduce Spatial, Broadband and Adaptive sound. This highly effective solution brings extraordinary results in both noise reduction and to the actual quality of the sound. The QBDT™ Kit effectively gives the user the ability to use the Silentium algorithm to create his own ANC system.

The QBDT™ can deal with a complex noise environment, where the noise is emitted from various sources, and the counter waves should create a significant area of noise reduction. The kit cancels noise by first sensing the sound and then through the algorithm sending out an appropriate “anti-noise” signal, which interferes with the original sound and effectively cancels it out

This Do-it-Yourself Kit provides a development software and hardware environment to establish your own Active Noise Cancellation system


The award winning AcoustiRACK™ ACTIVE (ARA™) is a soundproof, rack-mount cabinet providing unprecedented levels of noise reduction – up to 30 dB(A) with 8 KW of heat dissipation and dust protection for 19-inch servers and networking equipment. When combined with unique, high-quality acoustic materials, the ARA™ achieves previously unattainable spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible spectrum.

Extreme energy consumption is the number one challenge facing data centers today. Using the ARA™, companies are freed from paying exorbitant energy bills to hypercool dedicated server rooms just to avoid equipment burnout. Employees are no longer faced with the myriad of physical and psychological ills associated with exposure to chronic noise pollution.

The ARA ™is offered in 15U and 33U.