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Sonivent HVAC noise calculation software, ventilator unit, duct. Easy to use interface for noise prediction of HVAC installations, air handling units.

The software calculations are based on theoretical acoustic properties of different elements of any HVAC system such as:

Ventilator unit
-Duct Discontinuity

Sonivent has modern equipment necessary to perform measurements in the field of building acoustics measurements and construction industry.

Noise Source Parameters

Noise level of a source can be manually set by a user in 1/3 or octave bands or it can be calculated by the program. SoniVent can estimate this basing on the type of a ventilation unit, its technical parameters and work load.

Technical properties of HVAC elements

Crucial properties of the elements in your system can be adjusted to match the project requirements. The intuitive and clear software interface helps you create and modify your system quickly and easily. You can modify the cross section and air velocity in the duct and adjust sound absorption properties of all the elements.

Receiver room parameters

The calculations of the noise levels are even more precise thanks to variable parameters in the receiver room.

You can define groups of elements and organize elements which end in one room. The parameters of a room include surface area, volume and reverberation time or average absorption coefficient.

SoniVent can calculate the noise levels

The program estimates the sound pressure level Lp or sound power level Lw [dB] (linear or A-weighted) in the receiver room or any element in the duct. In case of allowed noise levels in rooms are exceeded the intelligible results interface help you modify and choose appropriate damping in the system.

The results can be exported in Excel spreadsheet, text or graphically.