Norsonic Sound level meters

Sound level meters

Single channel powerful sound and vibration analyzer Nor145

The advanced Nor145 is Norsonic’s top range sound level meter. Easy to use thanks to its large color touchscreen and intuitive menus. It shares the same user interface as Nor150 but hosted in a smaller and lighter enclosure.

Nor145 is a single channel unit optimized for easy connectivity to NorCloud, NorRemote or Nor850, through the built-in WLAN and 3G/4G LTE modem. Norsonic innovates sound level meters by using a 4.3” large true color touchscreen, to serve you user-friendliness that we know from our smartphones.

NoiseCompass, Noise monitoring with direction

One of the greatest challenges with unattended noise monitoring is to ensure that the monitored site really is the source being measured.What is making the noise?Is it the construction site, a nearby railway or an aircraft?

Precision sound and vibration analyzer Nor150

Precision sound and vibration analyzer Nor150 Norsonic have always been at the forefront of introducing new technology to sound level meters. The Nor150 Sound and Vibration analyzer set new standards in user-friendliness. Featuring the largest color touchscreen in a handheld meter on the market today, the Nor150 provides the user-friendliness of a smartphone. Further features include building acoustics….

Nor140 Sound Analyzer

Nor140 Sound Analyser A precision handheld sound analyzer designed for the most demanding users. With this analyzer Norsonic set a new standard for sound level meters, covering the widest range of applications. The Nor140 is packed into the smallest real-time analyzer featuring sound recording present on the market today. Noise source identification with markers and sound recording….

Nor130 series of Sound Level Meters

Nor130 series of Sound Level Meters Nor131/132 – Description Easy to use Just push the START key and measure! No need to worry about gain setting as the instrument covers the entire range from 20-140 dB in one single span. When the measurement stops, the auto-store feature writes your measurement in the non-volatile memory. The Nor130 Series of SLM’s uses the latest available…

Noise Monitoring System Norsonic

Nor1506 Portable Noise Monitoring Terminal (NMT) The weatherproof case Nor1506 has been designed to protect the sound-measuring instrument from heavy weather such as rain and snow. Several versions are available with foam cut out for the different environmental sound measuring instruments, Nor110, Nor116, Nor118, Nor121, Nor131 and Nor140, each configured with or without space for modem and….

More about Legacy Noise Monitoring Nor1531

More about NorCloud Noise Monitoring

Casella dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter

dBadge 2 , the personal noise dosimeter. Developed by leading industry specialists with the purpose of producing the smallest, most accurate and simplest to use acoustic dosimeter. With accurate data, you can take steps to protect yourself and others from Noise Induced Hearing Loss…..

Bedrock STIPA meter SM50

Bedrock STIPA meter SM50 STIPA has become the industry standard for measuring the Speech Transmission Index. The Bedrock STIPA meter is the device that many have been waiting for: finally, a STIPA meter that is accurate, reliable and affordable at the same time! Designed from scratch by the very team that invented STIPA and was responsible for the development of the Speech Transmission Index….

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