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SoundPLAN Thailand Noise Calculation and Prediction Software


SoundPLAN® is a software suite created by professionals in noise pollution engineering for professionals working with noise pollution scenarios.

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The software specializes in computer simulations of noise situations. Noise modelling encompasses traffic noise, occupational noise indoors and outdoors, general industrial noise, aircraft noise and room acoustics, recently the room acoustics has been implemented based on SPD (Sound Particle Diffraction), SoundPLAN is unique in using this method that will give you unseen results in almost any situation. Room Acoustics with all room acoustics parameters as well as auralization.

More than 50 calculation standards are implemented to satisfy the needs of noise control engineers worldwide such as ISO-9613, ISO12354 etc. For air quality simulations, SoundPLAN® has many different models, ranging from Gauss models to complex hydraulic flow and dispersion models.

The team behind SoundPLAN® consists of dedicated software developers and consultants with backgrounds in software engineering, physics, engineering, and geography. In order to hone the cutting edge skills in noise control SoundPLAN GmbH in Backnang, Germany, offer their consulting services globally.

The experience gained from the consulting group flows into the development of SoundPLAN®. The software is tested on actual projects to ensure our product is truly at the front of noise and air pollution simulations. The quality of our product reflects this constant closed loop cycle of consulting and development. Check it out for yourself!


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