SoundPLAN Training / workshop

As SoundPLAN is becoming the standard in SE Asian countries to predict noise and create noise maps, Geonoise is regularly organizing training for SoundPLAN users, sometimes with support from SoundPLAN Germany.

We organize SoundPLAN training in our offices in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Hong Kong as well as at customers offices per request.

We have various specialized training in your local language for new and experienced SoundPlan users including basic physics and understanding of sound if required.

For sound planning purposes we are using the professional and fully licensed SoundPLAN® software.

With SoundPLAN software package we are able to calculate any adjustments in road trajects, industrial zones and make predictions for new to establish roads, railways, airports, industries or MRT’s. Also, Indoor noise for factories (occupational noise) and room acoustics modules are available.

It’s easy to make easy to understand sound maps where directly the sound impact can be seen from any changes on a road(i.e. bypass of a road).

Of course, we can also make soundmaps of an entire area or even complete city with various sound sources such as traffic noise, MRT noise, industrial noise, horeca noise etc. Soundmapping will create easy to locate zoning which can be used for issuing future building licenses or area usage in a city or zone.

Geonoise Asia organizes training for basic noise, basic and advanced SoundPLAN in South East Asia.

Please do let us know your training requirements,

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