SPEKTRA Calibration systems for noise and vibration

SPEKTRA is specialized in designing and manufacturing systems for:

The product group “Calibration Solutions” includes calibration systems as well as services

The SPEKTRA family of CS18 calibration systems offers the calibration for the following measurands:

  • Acceleration (0.05 Hz … 350 kHz)
  • Shock (few mm/s² … 2,000 km/s²)
  • Acoustics (0.1 Hz … 20 kHz, bis 124 dB)
  • Dynamic Force (10 Hz … 1 kHz, few mN … 20 kN)
  • Dynamic Pressure (up to 4,000 bar)


Calibration systems for amplitude-frequency response and displacement (sine) as well as a comparison of peak amplitudes (shock).

  • Devices under test: Accelerometers, Seismic Sensors, Geophones, Vibration Calibrators, Measuring Equipment, Analyzers, Laser-Vibrometer, read more.

Our calibration products include complete calibration systems as well as various exciters and accessories to fit your specific demands.


Comparison Calibration by using the substitution method

  • Devices under test:
    Sound Level Meters, Microphones, Acoustical calibrators, Pistonphone, Measuring Equipment, Analyzers, read more.

We offer solutions for sensor system-level testing in very small areas like development departments up to large-scale production. Read more.

Electrical parameters

Comparison/Substitution Calibration for Amplitude-Frequency Response and Displacement Angle

  • Devices under test:
    Charge Amplifier, Voltage Amplifier, IEPE-Amplifiers, Calibration Systems, Analyzers, read more.

Typical applications of those vibration exciters are modal tests of buildings, bridges and other large structures. Read more.