SpotNoise Plug & Play Noise Monitoring

SpotNoise, affordable, reliable sheer noise monitoring, publish online, realtime, 1 year data retention, reporting, alarms.

Noise nuisance? Capture the noise levels and record the levels exceeding the noise regulation limits automatically with SpotNoise monitoring. No installation needed, plug and play, waterproof and every unit come with its own calibration certificate!

Noise Nuisance Plaintiff:

You are enduring noise nuisance from your neighbours, nearby factory, aircraft, road or rail noise, bars/pubs? Install a weatherproof SpotNoise Residential noise monitoring system, register all levels and discuss with the noise polluter or share the data with your local government so then can take action.

Noise Polluter Noise Monitoring:

Are you annoying other people with the noise you produce, want to make sure you don’t exceed any legal limits ? Simply install a SpotNoise in your factory, home, bar/disco to make sure your sound levels are within the limits. 


Citywide noise monitoring

Affordable, weatherproof, ready to use SpotNoise monitoring can handle up to 5000 units in 1 account, city-wide noise monitoring, an entire industrial estate, airport, noise monitoring applicable everywhere.
Our smart noise monitoring software is using AI to analyse your measurement data.


Noise Nuisance Monitoring Thailand

SpotNoise, affordable sheer noise monitoring, plug & play, reliable, online data and alarms, 1 year data retention.