The Bedrock SM90 is a versatile class 1/ type 1 acoustic measuring instrument, suitable for a wide variety of applications. With its high-quality 1/2″ prepolarized microphone capsule, it is the instrument of choice whenever accurate and reliable acoustic measurements are required. The Bedrock SM90 conforms with class 1 requirements as a Sound Level Meter (IEC 616272), but also offers a variety of other functions:



The Bedrock SM90 shares its main platform with the proven design of the Bedrock SM50 and SM30. However, the SM90 has been designed and tested to comply with class 1 requirements throughout. Its detachable microphone capsule is interchangeable with most common types high-end UNC capsules by other manufacturers.

The Bedrock SM90 is an all-round measuring solution for everybody who requires the highest levels of accuracy and performance. Combined with its competitive pricing, this makes the Bedrock SM90 an attractive addition to every consultant’s and acousticians toolbox

The SM90 is shipped worldwide with our global 24-month pick-up and return warranty.

Download Bedrock SM90 Stipa meter datasheet.