Teledyne Reson hydrophones

Teledyne RESON forms together with Teledyne BlueView, Teledyne Odom Hydrographic and Teledyne ATLAS Hydrographic the Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group (TMAIG).

With more than 35 years of experience, we develop some of the world’s most sophisticated sonar technology.

The group offers the strongest collective product portfolio in the market for subsea acoustic imaging and multibeam echosounder solutions. For more product information, please visit our Product Guide or see the “All the Sonars You Need” video below. TMAIG has manufacturing, research & development, sales and after service functions at the headquarters in Denmark as well as in Holland, UK and the USA.

Furthermore it has sales offices in Singapore and Shanghai and supports local sales through a network of distribution partners in more than 47 countries. We offer sonar solutions in a variety of application areas including offshore, hydrography, civil engineering and dredging as well as defense & security.


Please let us advise you for your specific application or use the selection tool for hydrophones Reson Hydrophones Selection tool.

SeaBat IDH T20/50-R

Key Features:

​The SeaBat Integrated Dual Head (IDH) is the latest addition to the leading SeaBat T-series product range. Connected to just one very compact Rackmounted Sonar Processor (RSP), the SeaBat IDH is a complete and powerful sonar system.

  • The SeaBat IDH, which produces 1024 beams per ping, is fully frequency agile from 200 to 400kHz, allowing for improved swath performance, less interference from other sensors and reduced survey time under challenging acoustic conditions.
  • Unprecedented clean bathymetry data, normalized backscatter designed for seabed classification, multiple detections for increased target details and very advanced beamforming modes. The SeaBat T-series provides faster operational surveys and reduced processing time.​
  • ​All-in-one fully integrated survey system
  • A single sonar processor for two sonar heads
  • The compact system allows for fast mobilization, minimal interfacing and extremely low space requirements
  • Unprecedented clean and ultra-high data quality for faster operational surveys and reduced processing time
  • Fully frequency agile from 200 to 400kHz, allowing for improved swath performance and reduced survey time under challenging conditions
  • The new compressed water column data significantly reduces data volume while maintaining the required information
  • Normalized backscatter designed specifically for accurate, reliable and repeatable sea bed classification​

IDH SeaBat T20-R T50-R Product Leaflet.


Complementing all echosounders with a bandwidth of 190 – 210kHz, the TC 2003 is a narrow-beam hydrographic transducer for precision bottom detection.

RESON TC 4042 – hydrophone


The TC4042 is a spherical, low-noise hydrophone with 20dB differential preamplifier. The hydrophone provides a single output mode.

The single-end output mode is established with a four conductor cable. The built-in preamplifier has the capability of driving cables of more than 1km.

The TC4042 features an insert voltage calibration facility (IVC), which enables remote testing of the hydrophone condition.