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Train Passes Through An Apartment Building In Chongqing China

Train Passes Through An Apartment Building In Chongqing China


People who will see it for the first time might actually think that there was some sort of a collision between a train and a building: the light railway train in China called the Chongqing Rail Transit No.2 literally travels inside a residential building in the city of Chongqing.

This special railway station was strategically constructed into the sixth to eighth floors of the 19-story block of residential flats in southwest China’s Chongqing. Chongqing Rail Transit No.2 goes through the hole at the center of the building where the residents can directly hop on the train in their own Liziba station.

According to the Telegraph, the idea of Chongqing Rail Transit No.2’s route in the said residential tower has been built in response to space issues due to increasing number of skyscrapers along Chongqing which thereafter obstructs the construction of railway systems. At present, Chongqing is the largest municipality in China with over 49 million residents. It is located in southwest China and is one of the country’s five central cities.

An interview by China News to one of the residents in the ninth floor of the residential building confirmed that from the beginning of the operations of Chongqing Rail Transit No.2, residents have never experienced any noise nuisance and complaints. As a matter of fact, the resident furthered that the noise generated by the large vehicles on street are actually louder compared to the noise made by Chongqing Rail Transit No.2.

Ye Tianyi, Design Lead of the station, explained that the support structures of the building are alienated by about 20 centimetres from the pillars of the rail. Therefore, the building does not feel the intensity of the vibrations coming from the train.

“It isn’t really noise and doesn’t hurt the ears,” the resident said. Chongqing Rail Transit No.2. only produces 75.8 decibels of sound because the train usually runs on rubber tires with air suspension on them, making it one of the quietest rail lines in the world.