Vibration Controllers for Vibration and Shock Testing

Vibration Controllers

m+p VibControl

Industry-Leading Vibration Controllers for Vibration and Shock Testing

m+p VibControl vibration controllers for advanced vibration control and shock testing from 4 to hundreds of input channels are used by many of the leading environmental test laboratories throughout the world. The endusers appreciate the intuitive operation, the extensive analysis and reporting functions, the numerous upgrade possibilities and, of course, the excellent stability and high quality level of the m+p vibration control systems. Applications range from normal to very extreme conditions, and also include rough transportation circumstances.

Vibration Testing Rigs m+p Geonoise Asia

Vibration Test Stands incl. Shaker

In co-operation with renowned partners, m+p international provides complete vibration test stands (including vibration control system, computer platform, shaker, fixtures, and accessories) and combined climatic and vibration test rigs. The m+p VibControl software provides high speed and stable control on electrodynamic and hydraulic shakers.

Closed-Loop Vibration Control

m+p VibControl offers accurate closed-loop shaker control and a maximum of built-in safety mechanisms which minimize the risks of damaging costly test items. Implemented tools and secure automation capabilities deliver maximum productivity and enable testing teams to meet critical deadlines.

Data Reduction and Acoustic Control for Aerospace

The m+p VibControl vibration controllers for data reduction with/without throughput and acoustic control testing in a reverberation chamber are based on the same user interface and hardware platform as the shaker control systems. Therefore, they can be configured as a vibration control system by just adding software modules, thus highly reducing the purchase costs and operator training.

All Test Modes for Vibration Control and Shock Testing Supported

Measurement Hardware for All Vibration Testing Needs

  • Reliable investment protection with many upgrade paths for vibration testing and shock testing
  • Full range of excitation modes available
  • Compliant with all relevant industrial standards (MIL-STD 810, DIN EN 60068, et al.)
  • Full test item protection during closed-loop control gives you confidence in the system
  • All current Microsoft Windows (32-/64-bit) operating systems supported
  • True multi-tasking for maximum test efficiency and safety
  • Scalable software and hardware from 4 to 256 channels with the same user interface and functionality
  • Vibration monitoring for maximum protection of specimen and equipment
  • Notching/Force Limiting for sine and random minimizes over-testing
  • Multi-monitor support for high channel counts
  • Test schedules and external hardware control with digital I/O
  • Selectable user interface languages
  • Calibration service: m+p international offers on-site or return-to-bench commercial calibrations for all its m+p VibControl vibration controllers and related measurement hardware. 

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m+p Vibration Controllers: Key Features to Your Testing Success

  • Reliable investment protection with many upgrade paths for vibration testing and shock testing.
  • Common Microsoft Windows-based user interface for all m+p VibControl vibration controllers from four to high-channel counts makes intercompany and intra-company data sharing easy and improves productivity throughput.
  • Reliable true multi-tasking: The vibration control software allows multiple tasks to run in parallel from the same keyboard without loss of real-time control.
  • High-precision measurement hardware tailored to the specific needs of vibration control and shock testing.
  • Automated functional and climatic testing: Combination of individual vibration tests of identical or different test modes in any complexity of nested loops. Test status reports via email or SMS text message. Digital input and output channels for status request from external equipment (e.g. a climatic chamber).
  • Multi-monitor support: Up to 16 online graphics windows for 64 channels can be opened to obtain all necessary information at a glance, also on a remote PC. Extension to four monitors and 256 channels or even more available.
  • Remote client: Live data can be viewed during an actual test via network or wireless network on tablet or desktop PC in an entirely different area.
  • Ethernet interfacing: A Gigabit Ethernet card is supported providing significantly reduced cabling costs and greater flexibility for VXI-based vibration controller installations requiring a remote shaker location.
  • Comprehensive analysis functions: e.g. extensive data handling, advanced cursor functions, single and multiple data graphing, peak search, mathematical function, transfer function analysis, displaying and printing traces from different sources in a single window.
  • Sophisticated reporting: User comments, company logos and graph markers. Data and graphics are copied and pasted to standard Microsoft Windows applications or can be copied to m+p international’s eReporter software, the ultimate step in electronic report generation.
  • Calibration service: m+p international offers on-site or return-to-bench commercial calibrations for all its m+p VibControl vibration controllers and related measurement hardware.

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