Noise and Vibration Product News

Wireless Machine Condition Monitoring

Function introduction: Rule-based rotor management

Rule-based rotor management
The system-integrated ISO norms 10816/20816/2372 are applied for all rotating machinery (Motors, Compressors, Pumps) from Semiconductor to conventional manufacturing industries.
No need to memorize machines’ criteria values, users can configure the respective regulation criteria according to the power consumption range. Machine health hierarchies are sharp color-coded, and users get to have a glance at the whole plant machine condition by Good, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory, and Unacceptable levels.

Function introduction: AI degradation inference trend

AI degradation inference trend : (Optional)
Leveraging 25 parameters accumulated and through an AI cross-comparison algorithm, this function not only tells the current degradation level but also the future degradation forecast in 7 days. Intuitive coloured displays level machines in Normal, Light, Moderate, and Dangerous, according to which users can schedule and plan maintenance ahead of time for the preparation of spares to avoid long delivery.

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