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Acoustiblok’s sound insulation material U.L. Classification file number is R21490 and it is approved for use in over 350 wall and floor/ceiling assemblies.
Acoustiblok audio specifications (STC, NRC, IIC) are independent laboratory test results by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, NGC Testing Services, and Intertek ETL/Semko. Original reports are available from your Acoustiblok sales representative on request. Don’t put your project at risk by relying on uncontrolled vendor “field test” or self test results – insist on hard numbers from certified independent laboratory tests, when specifying acoustical solutions.

Acoustiblok® is typically applied as part of layered wall, ceiling or floor construction. It is usually stapled to wood studs or screwed to metal studs prior to drywall. Each layer of 16 oz Acoustiblok reduces sound transmission by as much as 30 db depending on the frequencies. It has more sound deadening effectiveness than some treatments with lead. A typical 2 x 4 gypsum stud wall is usually 33 to 35 STC. Acoustiblok installed in the 2 x 4 wall is lab certified at an amazing “STC of 52″, better than 12” of poured concrete (STC 51).

A special application for outdoor fencing is made with Acoustiblok and called Acoustifence. Depending on the outdoor situation reduction up to 20 dB is achievable. Use of special Acoustic Sealant and Acoustic tape will help to get the most out of Acoustiblok.

After the installation and renovation with Acoustiblok sound insulation, the sound reduction has been increased with 26-28 dB, for human perception this means an improvement of 90% !

Another application, outdoor screening, Acoustifence for outdoor fencing.

Sound transmission class (STC)

Sound transmission class (STC)

acosutifence acoustiblok

Acoustiblok is also used in lowering the noise in cars, boats, yachts etc.