Noise and vibration compliance monitoring system

Noise and vibration compliance monitoring system

Site ComplianceMonitor CM3 The Vibrosound Analyser

Model CM3 is the latest in the series of vibration and
noise monitoring equipment, uniquely combining vibration
monitoring with type 1 precision grade sound/ leq.
analysis in a light weight and easy to operate portable
Site Compliance Monitoring C • M3 available in
Simultaneous (Vibration & Noise type 1 Leq.’s ) or
Vibration /Noise only. Option to include Wind Speed
and Direction.
• Designed to provide the user with a fast accurate and
efficient method of ensuring compliance with product
limits for both Noise and Vibration levels. Tabulation of
results down to 5 minute with direct exporting to excel
of graphs and reports.
• Automatic unattended monitoring.
• Automatic data downloading.
• Full remote data monitoring with modem option with
SMS text alerts (Noise and Vibration)
• Multiple Event storage
• Display to view live values and to review previous
• The latest windows software to enable automatic
downloads, giving virtual real time remote data
All instruments meet or exceed the relevant standards
including BS6472 & BS5228 (Noise), the unit also gives
5 Minute values to comply with BS41412 (Noise). Each
unit also ensures compliance with the regularory bodies
project limits.
Vibration: BS6472, BS7385. BS6955 and DIN 4150
Noise: BS4142, IEC651, BS5228, BS5969 and ANSI S1.4,

CM3 noise and vibration compliance monitoring system

This fourth generation Vibrosound Analyser Model

is the most simple and reliable way to monitor
your site for compliance Noise and Vibration
legislation. Available in simultaneous (Vibration &
Noise Type 1 leq.s) or Vibration/ Noise only.

Intelligence with simplicity
Model CM3 allows full Remote Data Collection for
unattended monitoring. Stay in charge with SMS text
alerts on multiple users specified limits and site alarms.
Leq. Type 1 Noise and V • ibration Simultaneous
• Dual internal batteries and external power lead
• Alarm Options for site alerts (Audio +Visual)
• Up to 7 channels
• Unlimited Vibration cables length
• Remote data collection, automated at the users
• Weather monitoring (wind, speed and direction)
• Lae5 for compliance with the very latest standard
• Factory option of 32GB memory storage
• Many options to suit all applications

Input range:
0.01 to 99.8mm/S Velocity. Resolution 0.01mm/S
Dynamic Range 60dB (10dB below base 50dB above
base) minimum.
Base Selectable: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100
Resolution: 0.1dB accuracy 0.5dB Meeting Type 1
Precision grade.
Standard Value:
Leq., Lmax, Leq5, Percentiles: L10 L90 Factory option: L1
Trigger Levels (Impulse Mode):
User Selectable:
Vibration: 0.1 to 100m/S Velocity.
Sound / AOP: dB Above Metre base (linear)(ON or OFF)
Cut off delay (Impulse Mode):
User-selectable from 0.1 to 1 second. Used to reduce
event length if event fall below trigger level for more than
selected delay

Sampling Rate (Impulse Mode):
Vibration: User-specification from 200 to 1000Hz. Impulse
mode only
Event length (Impulse Mode):
User-selectable – From 0.1 up to 60 seconds with out
flash card option.
Automatic calculations of maximum length available
(depending on number of channels. Sampling Rate and
memory installed.
Frequency Response:
Vibrations: 0.5Hz to 1kHz, with standard accelerometers.
Noise: A or C weighted, Linear for Air Overpressure to
Event data ram:384KB. Option of 32GB
Protected by a separate battery. User information store
for 4 fields.
12 characters/field. All user-selected options have
separate data retention
for up to 10 years after each event save.

Standard Channels:
Vibrations only: 3 channels (1 triaxial or 3 single axis
or 6 channels (2 triaxial or 6 single axis transducers)
Noise only: Single channel,
Type 1 Precision Grade microphone.
Simultaneous Noise and Vibration: 4 or 7 channels
(1 Noise Channel + 3 or 6 Channels of Vibration)
Print-out (external option):
None: Only valid with PC or flash card option.
Block results: Vibration: Displacement, Acceleration,
Velocity, Frequency. Resultant Velocity
Noise: Air overpressure (leq. in the continuous mode):
Leq. Of overall, Max 5 min, leq. (Interval), L10, L90 percentiles
Lmax, etc (see Surewave leaflet) in sound only mode
SPL mode (from Calibration menu)
Full: As block with additional user data. Velocity and Air
Overpressure graphs or PPV and Leq. Histograms

Vibration: TA1 (3 accelerometers, mounted triaxially)
or VT1
(single accelerometer) as required. Cable length unlimited
Noise: Type 1 Precision Grade Microphone for Leq. Noise.
Linear sub
4Hz for AOP Overpressure data. Remote mounting up to
Vibration: BS6472, BS7385. BS6955 and DIN 4150
Noise: BS4142, IEC651, BS5228, BS5969 and ANSI S1.4,
The specification contained in this leaflet are the subject
to change due to further development of the product.
Please contact our sales office on 01606 330020 for the
latest specification.