Topsonic: Airport noise monitoring

Airports have to monitor environmental noise to evaluate abatement programs and develop aircraft departure and arrival procedures that minimize the impact of aircraft noise. Airports can’t eliminate aircraft noise totally but aim to minimize noise through monitoring the exposure of people in the area.

Topsonic systems help airports to monitor noise to a range of standards for Unattended monitoring of aircraft sound in the vicinity of airports.

A typical airport noise monitoring system consists of:

A number of Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs) installed in the surroundings around the airport
A Noise Server which is responsible for the automatic download of data from the installed NMTs at user-defined time periods via public telephone lines or GSM

A database: All data (noise, flight tracks, weather data, parameter settings, traffic data, air quality, etc) are sorted and stored in the system’s database, ready for immediate presentation. Own Database queries are possible by means of a database query wizard without database expert knowledge.
One or more PC workstations (with Windows operating systems) for statistics and reports.

Topsonic’s Noise and Flight Track System NTMS fulfills all the needs for modern monitoring of the aircraft noise impact on adjacent residents. It helps the airport get an objective overview and optimize noise abatement procedures. Automatic functions accurately measure the noise, plot each flight track and correlate the noise to the specific aircraft. The system determines whether each aircraft is following the correct routes and pinpoints noise offenders. Drawings of noise contours based on real movements and future scenarios are integrated features.

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